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Hey everybody,

I've been avoiding telling my full brony story on this account. I really try to keep this one separate from my rather...depressing life, but I think it's time to share. I'll have the descriptive version & the super summary version for lazy readers at the bottom.

If you'd rather read a happy DA story, I flipped the script & put the happy one on my other account here (this is actually the first part of my DA story):

I'll be continuing from where that journal left off, but here's a short summary of that journal:
I was inspired by the artist Fred Gallagher of the webcomic "Megatokyo" to start drawing in 2003. However, since I hate drawing I quickly gave up. When my best friend transferred schools I picked it up again as a way to stay close to her the following year (as she was the artist of our class). In 2006, I was convinced by a friend to make a DA account (as I had been lurking around DA without one for years due to my dislike of people actually seeing my artwork). I joined, and have been on this site for soon to be 8 years.

Descriptive Version:
Fast forward to the summer of 2011, when my brony story, the story of this account, begins.
I began seeing the site bombarded with pony fan art, & thought for sure it was a joke. I completely wrote it off until a popular comic artist on this site posted ponies. We were pretty good acquaintances and talked every now and then, so I had to ask him what the heck was up with all these grown men liking ponie. He told me to give it a watch. I did. And I hated it. I finished the first two episodes and was like, "...this is the same shit show I remember. Fuck this..".

Fast forward again to October 10th, 2011 (ironically...1 year after MLP aired). I was talking with this girl I had a major crush on. She loved MLP, & wanted me to give it another shot. She told me if I didn't like it when I got to the 5th episode, I could stop. So for a couple of hours we watched the first 4 episodes together. We had a great time talking while we watched it, but I still didn't really like it. The 5th episode was interrupted by my dad. This is when my life went into the toilet.

Most of you have heard me talk about my older brother before. Well, after years of living with his psychotic-ness we finally got restraining orders against him a few months before this day. He was forcibly removed from our house by the police. It was really nice for me, one less asshole in the family, but my dad was secretly paying for hotels for him. None of his friends wanted to take him in & his GF he originally moved in with right after broke up with him after she discovered know, that he's an asshole.
My dad was sick of paying for hotels, so he told me we would have to discuss new living arrangements...that morning he said that. It was 9pm when he walked in and said, "Your brothers coming back home. You can either go to NJ with me or stay with him." So my choices were go to a state I hate visiting where I know no one, or stay at home with my abusive mother & psycho abusive brother. Rolling in my great choices there, and with no other alternative short of living on the street in such short notice, I was forced to go to NJ. Kicked out of my house in favor of a guy who once choked me for not getting off the computer when he said to, and also once picked me up and slammed me head first into the floor (nearly breaking my neck) over chicken.

During all of this, I was still getting over my fiancé cheating on me and leaving me for the man she cheated on me with the previous year. All I had going for me was taken away from me in a day. I was told I'd only live here for 8 months (it's been 3 years...).
So at 4am, I lay curled up in a ball crying on the floor with my cat within my room in this NJ apartment for about 3 hours. This was just the cherry on top of the worst two years of my life. I was pretty much fucking done. This was it. All these years of putting off suicide, this was going to be the catalyst. But I didn't have anything to do it with, so I had to wait until the next morning. While I waited I decided to watch that last MLP episode.

Hours later, I kind of liked the show. It made me smile through the tears.
A few months after that, I fell in love with the fanfic "My Little Dashie" and seeing all the animations from this fandom I decided to use this backup account I had created during a wide-spread hacker scare for animation and pony anatomy practice. I wouldn't become a brony until that years summer, but the support of the close-knit fandom at the time really made me feel great. While the show itself healed a lot of my depression and I definitely owe it my life.
I've been here ever since. :)

Thanks for reading.

For the lazy readers:
-I originally hated MLP, until a girl I liked asked me to give it another chance.
-I was kicked out of my house to a place where I'm alone all day, and have no friends during a horrible time in my life.
-Ready to kill myself, I decided to watch MLP until I could find a weapon to do so.
-Ended up really enjoying the show.
-Became interested in learning how to draw correct pony anatomy in order to do an animation for "My Little Dashie".
-Ended up loving drawing ponies due to the close-knit community.
-In short the show has saved my life, and I've been here ever since.
  • Mood: Sadness


United States
Hello I'm David. I'm currently using this backup account as my MLP drawings + animations account. I love to voice act and sing :)

Storyboard/Background/Concept Artist & Animator for Pouncing Pegasi Productions:…

My main account is :iconinuranchan:

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What I'm working on today: 2 Robin Williams tribute drawings. 1 with ponies, one with some of my favorite characters of his.

How long I'll be on today: Probably all day.

Is this a request stream?: No

Will I be showing a movie or tv show?: Yes, a movie!
(Journal link for choices of movie: )


Current Residence: NY + NJ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large or Extra Large. I'm a big guy, and when I put on weight I like to be comfy :P
Favourite genre of music: Showtunes (broadway, disney songs, ect..) Rock, Hard/Soft rock, Alt., Oldies, Metal, some Screemo
Favourite style of art: No preference.
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo hands down :)
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