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To do list
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1) :iconcjbronyten: :icon50percent1plz::icon0percent1plz: *Outlined finished. Need to finish shading, fix edges, and start BG*

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1) :icontheycallmesage: :icon25percent1plz::icon0percent1plz: *Sketch finished*
2) :iconbamart19: :icon25percent1plz::icon0percent1plz: *Sketch finished*
3) :iconi-twistedfury-i: :icon25percent1plz::icon0percent1plz: *Sketch finished*
4) :iconartstude3n2: :icon0percent1plz::icon0percent1plz: *Sketch not started yet*
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First 20 People get an Art Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 12:12 PM
Happy 2015 people! Let's all pretend I'm not super late on saying that lol, but I just haven't had much to say lately.
Anyway, have a feature journal. :)

For the 
first 20 people who comment on this journal, I'll go to their gallery and pick three pictures that I like the most and feature them here! 

If you comment, it would be great if you wanted to do the same thing in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot! The idea is not to get a free feature, but spread the art around to everyone on DA to enjoy and love!

1) :iconbamart19: Scoota-Father   In the quiet village of ponies, a the trio of friends were enjoying some milk shakes and cookies in a local hub. As they enjoyed their shakes the two biggest bullies in town came in.
    "Don't look now but the troublesome duo have entered," the young yellow earth pony said as she shifted her eyes to the door then back to her friends.
    "Let's just ignore them. They won't do nothing if we ignore them," the white unicorn replied then looked over at her orange Pegasus.
    "Why are you looking at me? I'm over what they've said about me last time we ran into them. Besides we're better than them in several ways," the orange responded as she finished her milkshake.
    "Well it seems the blank flanks are just doing their usual thing, nothing productive at all. Right Silver Spoon?" the purple pink unicorn told her grey unicorn friend, making a devious grin.
    "Oh yes they are. I guess that's why they're still blank flanks and
  Showing True SelfA setting sun, the orange glow of a wonderful day was about to end and a new begin. Two ponies lying in a large field hidden from the world, they were blowing bubbles with two bubble wands and a large pull of bubble soap.
Giggle happily the two had for an odd reason mixed matched socks, one left and one right orange sock and one right and one left purple sock and vise verse on the other pony. It was believed they did this as their own sign to society. That they didn’t fit in it.
“Watch this one Glitter,” the bigger of the two red ponies said as he took a deep breath and blew a large bubble, lifting up his hoof he waved it in a few circles and the bubble took the form of a Glimmer Shell, the young pony next to Glitch.
“Hey that’s me, only bubbly!” Glitter giggle as she watched the bubble her float away and pop.
“Too bad she left before she got to see all of her friends. So many of them wanted to shake your bubbly hoof,” Brandon said as he
  Super Harmony Bros. Ch. 1In the polish, clean, and well-guarded castle of Equestria, Canterlot castle was holding a special guest. The special guest was Twilight Sparkle, a pony who was currently living in Pony Ville to master her training in friendship. Harmony Star had called Twilight Sparkle for a special visit and Harmony had a huge crush on Twilight, he was head over hooves for her.
He would dream of her, think of her, and do whatever he could to be near Twilight and make her smile. Today was going be a different day for he wanted to take their relationship from two special some ponies to the next level. Yet an unwanted guest was about to crash the private meeting.
“Hello Harmony, it’s nice to see you again. I haven’t seen you since last week. How have you been?” Twilight asked of Harmony who seemed to very nervous. His face was red, sweat was fallowing down his brow, and his voice seemed to crack when he talked.
“Um Twilight, we’ve known each other for some time now. A

2) :iconfireflytwinkletoes: She's a Mane-iac! by fireflytwinkletoes The Sweetest Changeling by fireflytwinkletoes Blaze Gust by fireflytwinkletoes
3) :iconvivafariy: Kodaiki SS: Momo!! by VivaFariy  The Story of Winchester Manor“I shall not cry. I can not cry.” Sitting on a street curb, shivering in the cold, Julian let out a small whimper. “Heavens, why did I even run away in the first place?” Julian rummaged through his ornate bag, which shimmered like moonstones. Being far from the servants area when he ran away, he had to grab this bag, which even though it was very fancy, was the only one with no actual jewels. He noticed that his food supply was running low. “I should head to the market. I have acquired a small sum of money over my eleven years.”
Slowly he rose to his feet. He lifted his bag and shuffled across the gravel in a manner his mother certainly would not care for. Looking around him, Julian figured from the cotton clothing that he must have wandered into the poorer section of town. His woolen breeches and silk tunic were certainly out of place here.
Julian caught sight of three giggling servant girls who ought to be heading to the marketplace. Julian
Purpose of LifeWe were brought here to die
4) :iconponybytesketches:  Zero Suit Samus Pony by PonyByteSketches EQD NATG- Day 6 (Part 2): Legendary Starswirl by PonyByteSketches EQD NATG- Day 6 (Part 3): Giant Rarity by PonyByteSketches

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United States
Hello I'm David. I'm currently using this backup account as my MLP drawings + animations account.
Someday, I want to be an animator and a voice actor. I love to voice act and sing.

My main account is :iconinuranchan:

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Current Residence: NY + NJ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large or Extra Large. I'm a big guy, and when I put on weight I like to be comfy :P
Favourite genre of music: Showtunes (broadway, disney songs, ect..) Rock, Hard/Soft rock, Alt., Oldies, Metal, some Screemo
Favourite style of art: No preference.
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo hands down :)
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No deviants said Muffins, cuz I don't care about ponies. :la: (Hello friends from my other account :))


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