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((As always, if you don't give two [yay]s about this stuff just ignore it & I apologize for the inbox clog)).

[There's a super summary at the bottom of this.]

Alright....Hopefully this will be the last update I bother you guys & gals with...^^; I say hopefully, because I'm not sure this is the last I will hear about it..

It's been an emotionally exhausting two days, but I was only in NY for one. Took yesteray off, spent some time alone. You'll all understand when you read what happened. Not all is bad, right now this situation is just incredibly annoying..

Now, ALOT happened on Wednesday. Way too much to force you all to read. I really did try my best to summarize in as few words as possible, but you all know by now that's not my thing so bear with me...this is a long story. Feel free to skim...or ignore, whatever. I stayed up 3 hours writing this lol...
Fair warning: I got very pissed while remembering all this so there's a lot of cursing & stuffs..

Lets start with the real reason this all happened that my brother did not admit until we got there.
He wanted to make hot chocolate. =_= So, he put the kettle on the stove; after putting the heat on he then goes to the computer & plays a game. Headphones on. Never watching the stove. Instead of putting the stove's heat on, he accidentally put the oven on and obviously didn't double check.
My mom keeps her bake ware in the oven, it's an extra storage space for her because there isn't enough space in the kitchen. So the plastic bakeware caught fire, setting the inside of the oven ablaze. The two irresponsible "adults" (I forgot to mention his girlfriend lives there when my mom leaves) didn't realize until the alarms started going off.

27 years living in the same house my brother has no idea where any of our fire extinguishers are (I freaking do) so he calls the WORST person to ever call in this situation: my mom. She tells him NOT to use the extinguisher (can't even comment on this..) just because it's old...luckily he used it anyway, and put out most of the fire when the firefighters got there. Busted our door, ran in with the hoses & put out the rest.

Bottom line, thank goodness, the fire was mostly contained to the oven with a few spots in the kitchen charred from opening the door to put the fire out
Below are some photos I took of the oven:

 photo AB2B622E-CD5E-49C0-8259-9418276F7897_zpsstmqoagf.jpg
 photo C104C3A0-02E8-47D7-B5FD-C49AB8F2B0D1_zpspgmmqmzd.jpg
 photo D56952A3-9FBD-4F41-AC12-89D7CEB0AFDA_zpss4ksnby7.jpg
(Note: My bro & his GF did clean a lot of the surrounding area. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the wall & floor are a bit charred as is the cabinet to the right & counter top. There was also a chair in front of the stove that had damage, but I forgot to take a pic).

Fire fighters left, and then the real problem of Wednesday began.

So those two dudes? Total scam artists as I said. Here & to my dad, but my dad bought into it just because of a website that supposedly proved them legit...=_= Wednesday morning, I am proven right (let this be a lesson to you all if, fate forbid, any thing like this happens to you).

We get to the house and there are industrial fans everywhere. Evidently the two guys who said they were with our insurance "lent" them to us, to clear the air in the house (for those of you who don't know, burning plastic is highly toxic. I felt sick after I left there). Now, my brother called my dad when they came. They told us they were going to lend us the fans, & clean the oven for us then charge the insurance so it would all be covered. My dad told them he wanted the fans, but to call our insurance first before they started. This was Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, a guy comes at 9am. We let a guy in, he looks at the stove and immediately leaves. He's gone for awhile and all of a sudden, about 9 big ass dudes with a bunch of stuff pile into our house! I'm like WTF?! All these people just to clean that stove? No fucking way. 
Now the two dudes from the day before enter, they say hi to my bro & his GF. I gotta differentiate them so: there was a black guy & a white guy (not being racist, just saving time). White guy sees me & says Hey. I say hello. I'm cut off by seven "heys" and this dude gets fucking up in my face! Almost touching me, nose 12 inches from mine. Then he goes, "Are you the father?". I was dumbstruck. I know I'm taller than both the 27 year olds sitting before him, but Jesus Christ I know I don't fucking look 30 or 40. God. Just because I'm fatter than my brother doesn't make me older. So I yell at this man "No I'm HIS brother". Guys says "You're her brother?!" gesturing at my bro's gf. This idiot thought I was related to a white girl...instead of the other spaniard in front of him. I set him straight but you know what, he went on thinking my bro & I were both related to his GF lol. Idiot.

Now, the white guy leaves with the black guy and the first dude (we're gonna call him Puerto Rican dude) starts taking pictures in the kitchen. Then the sketchy part: he starts taking pictures outside the kitchen. In the living room behind the kitchen, the dining room next to the kitchen. As I'm telling my brother something is freaking up, they're only supposed to be taking pictures of the area around the fire, all of a sudden they're in the hallway! Headed to the bathroom & the bedrooms! So I tell my bro, this is wrong you should tell dad. He says go for it. So I went to tell my dad (all the while thinking what a lazy asshole my bro is, he couldn't even be bothered & wasn't even watching all these men like he was supposed to). Dad confirms what I thought: they shouldn't be taking pictures outside the kitchen. I head back to the living room, and I relayed the info to my brother.

And the next thing I know, I had to grow the fuck up in a matter of seconds and act like an adult.
The white guy really believed I was the oldest, suddenly I was in charge & he was only talking to me. He asked me if I would like to accompany the Puerto Rican into the bedrooms to take pictures. So I ask him why would he need to when the fire was contained to the kitchen. White guy launches into this perfectly rehearsed story explaining some bullshit insurance liability to me, about them needing to clean everything, count everything, & take pictures of everything so they can prove stuff (too long to explain, some stuff true a lot of stuff bull). As this guy is talking I'm staring into his eyes while he repeats himself as if I'm too stupid to understand, but really I'm just trying to follow all his bullshit. Scam artists talk so damn fast, it was hard guys.

So...I accompany Puerto Rican guy to my bedroom, watch as he takes pics of my room & as he does he tells me more about his job (unprovoked I might add). Turns out this guy doesn't work for the black guy & the white guy. Just goes where he's told. Real nice guy actually, I enjoyed talking to him. He explained slowly why they were doing this, again unprovoked, and how long they'd be doing this. Answered everything I asked clear & concisely. We ended up downstairs. When we came back up my dad was awake. He'd been trying to sleep this whole time. Now he looked pissed. See, at the time I didn't know the guys weren't supposed to be cleaning our house right now before our insurance guy got to our house. And these cleaning people apparently knew that but started anyway. So dad is screaming at them, sees me with the Puerto Rican dude coming up stairs & gets even angrier. Dad says to hang on a min, goes to his room to calls the insurance guy. White guy & black guy look at each other suspiciously then say lets go get the paperwork from the truck. They disappeared for a long time after that.

I was pretty done with acting like an adult (I hate talking to strangers..) so I left, went to my room to find any games I could & my N64 so I'd have some of the most important stuff to me with me in NJ in case they ended up burning everything heh..while I was doing that, black guy came over to talk to my dad (parents room is right across from mine). First words out of black guy's mouth are "Hey, listen we just left to give you some time to cool off". This guy went from black guy to a handler handling my dad. It was ridiculous. Everything my dad said, this guy came back with the same excuses over and over again. THEN. He said my brother signed something to lend us the industrial fans! He didn't tell anyone!! He probably signed it without reading yells at this dude that neither my brother or I own the house. Black guys like "I get that, but..". Continuing to handle him, my dad gets sick of it & just tells the guy to finish upstairs & that's it. To come back tomorrow so my bro can ask for an estimate ONLY.

So they came back yesterday, and immediately start wanting to do other things. Like take all of our clothes & clean them. Dad told them no four times. Spends an hour on the phone, they called him over here, telling them no. What happens? He gets another call telling them how they need to clean the clothes & black dude is pissed dads saying no lol.

FINALLY. They finish, and they leave. Dad says when they come today, in about an hour or so, that my brother is to tell them to leave.

They forced themselves into this job when we should have been allowed to pick people to just clean the damn stove for us.
And get this, AFTER ALL THAT. The stove still looks as it does in the pictures. They cleaned everything but the stove....because apparently they couldn't yet. :|

Now, we're probably going to get a lawyer and sue them with the money we don't have for basically forcing themselves into our house with nothing but a piece of paper my brother signed.

I believe they are going to charge the insurance an exuberant amount of money, insurance won't cover it & we will have to pay for this fucked up situation that happened over a medium size fire...

So. That is the story as it is now...we may get the money to replace the stove. Maybe. Which is good.
I found a bunch of my gaming stuff so I was ecstatic about that. Even found an iPod that belonged to my ex I'd been looking for forever (big deal if you've known me awhile). Basically some good came out of the trip but mostly it was a lot of bull....and stress..=_=

Moral of this "Scammers are not Magic" story is: READ PIECES OF PAPER BEFORE YOU SIGN, never let strangers who show up after an incident into your house, & ALWAYS double check everything when you turn on the stove or oven/pay attention to what you're cooking or boiling while you're doing it....

Nobody is even mad at my brother for the fire. They're just annoyed at him but pissed at the situation. He's not being forced to pay for anything! I can't believe this. I'm still hearing about little shit that wasn't even my fault during my life but no one is yelling at this idiot & his GF...
*sigh* I know what I want to write here but it's too dark for this account so I won't...

I'll answer all your comments tomorrow.

-Fire contained mainly to stove area
-Brother signed piece of paper allowing these scam cleaner guys into our house.
-Scammers try to screw us, horribly
-We now must spend money we don't have to sue scammers.
-We will hopefully get money to replace the stove through our insurance.
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