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Groups I went on vacation. It was nice. :3 Nice to get out of the apartment...
I didn't mention anything, cuz I was sure no one would notice. However, I kind of thought it might be fun to tell what I consider a fun and sometimes funny story that happened on vacation.

To begin:
I kind of got hurt..a lot. I got some second degree burns and I was in a wheel chair for a bit which was both really fun and really...sad. For the sake of this story, let's focus mostly on the fun of it.

Wheelchair bit:
So basically what happened was while on my annual trip to Disney World with my family, I really couldn't walk without feeling like I was going to throw up and pass out from the pain. I've always had a problem with my ankles that progressively gets worse every year. This year, due to a new system Disney has that had me running everywhere to try and work with that system, the problem escalated quickly. So I had to get a wheel chair because I was in so much pain.
On the one hand, it was great because it was the first time in years I finally got to enjoy the parks without much pain. On the other hand, being wheeled around by my parents was awkward to me. I felt lazy...despite really needing to be in one. And the looks you get from being with parents that look way too old to have birthed you and you're the only one in a wheelchair...not the best.
The fun side of being in the wheelchair was getting to experience Disney from a different side. It turns out the handicapped have totally different rides in some places, which was something I had no idea of before (despite having been to the parks with family members in wheelchairs). And it also turns out that being handicapped really sucks in some rides because even if you can transfer they won't let you get on the regular line because of the wheelchair. You end up having to wait for a special vehicle for the handicapped to come, then you must wait for that one to fill up...Which is kind of embarrassing is you ask me...And then if the person who is wheeling you around doesn't want to get on a ride with you a second time, but you want to get on again you have to get up and walk through the line. All the while everyone looks at you as if you are faking it, despite your limp, which feels horrible because if they just asked I would gladly lift up my jeans and show them my then deformed/swollen ankles/feet.
Altogether, it was a nice experience. People gave me stuff, I got stickers and these awesome Muppet pencils. They were giving them out for the newest muppet movie DVD release. A woman working there ran to give them to us. So nice. It was quite different, and I got a lot of smiles. Which is nice for someone who doesn't get out much or see that a lot.

Getting burned bit:
Right after spending my first day in a wheelchair, we went back to the hotel. I made some pasta with sauce in the kitchenette we had. I pulled it out of the above-counter microwave, the plate was a little hot so it slipped out of my fingers about 2-4 inches above the counter, and the impact made the BURNING HOT SAUCE fly onto my drawing hand. I had a split second to say "holy shit!" in my head before, and here's the funny part of the story (really), I ran around the room like a cartoon character on fire. I will never laugh at cartoon characters on fire again. That stuff, is based on REAL LIFE happenings. Seriously. Imagine me as Peter Griffin: I ran from the kitchenette (silently, btw. I did not scream or yell once despite the immense pain I was in) to the bedroom in my hotel room, ran in a circle about 2-3 times, finally realized I needed water, ran back to the kitchenette, past it's sink to the bathroom (because when you're in pain, you only imagine the bathroom has water for some reason lol), briefly thought about jumping in the tub as if it were full of water, then finally got my hand under cold water. Which is what you should always do first, don't run in a circle like an idiot lol. I will point out two things now: #1 I never stopped moving, from the point I burned my hand, to the point I made it to the bathroom sink. The pain of being burned, blocked out the pain in my ankles and I am shocked I did not fall over. #2 I have no idea why I didn't scream, I had every reason to scream, even when asked at the time I had no answer. I guess that is just how strong I am? :lol: Idk.

So, that was the end part of my vacation. Happy fall, everyone! XD
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United States
Hello I'm David. I'm currently using this backup account as my MLP drawings + animations account. I love to voice act and sing :)

Storyboard/Background/Concept Artist & Animator for Pouncing Pegasi Productions:…

My main account is :iconinuranchan:

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What I'm working on today: 2 Robin Williams tribute drawings. 1 with ponies, one with some of my favorite characters of his.

How long I'll be on today: Probably all day.

Is this a request stream?: No

Will I be showing a movie or tv show?: Yes, a movie!
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Current Residence: NY + NJ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large or Extra Large. I'm a big guy, and when I put on weight I like to be comfy :P
Favourite genre of music: Showtunes (broadway, disney songs, ect..) Rock, Hard/Soft rock, Alt., Oldies, Metal, some Screemo
Favourite style of art: No preference.
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo hands down :)
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