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August 7, 2012


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So, I haven't updated this list in a LONG time. Figured I'd update it now.

((01/18/14 NEW CARDS ADDED Only looking for foils now.))

**If there is a number next to the cardname, I have doubles of that card and am more likely to trade it. Cards in bold are second edition**

(1st series)
Cards For Trade

[Common] Normal set
**I pretty much have every single common card in both 1st and 2nd print so just ask me to check for you.**

Standee Set
Carousel Boutique Creations (Gala Dresses):
#1-Applejack (3) (1)
#2-Rainbow Dash (3)
#4-Twilight Sparkle (3) (2)
#5-Rarity (2) (4)
#6-Fluttershy (2)
The Show Stoppers (Cutiemark Crusaders):
#8-Scootaloo (4)
#9-Applebloom (4) (2)

Elements of Harmony Set
F2-Fluttershy Element of Kindness
F3-Pinkie Pie Element of Laughter (2)
F5-Rainbow Dash Element of Loyalty

Royal Wedding Set
F7-Applejack (3)
F12-Fluttershy (2)
F14-Princess Cadance
F15-Shining Armor(1)

Foil Set
F18-Rainbow Dash (2) (1)
F20-Twilight Sparkle (2) (1)
F24-Apple Bloom (2)

Promo Set
F39-Twilight Sparkle (Mint in factory sealed tin)

**Trading convention promos for other CONVENTION promo cards.**

Gold Set
G2-Princess Luna
G3-Princess Cadance (3)

Tattoo Set
I got em all, and a bunch of them

Cards I Need

Foil Set:
Pinkie Pie

Gold Set:
#G1, #G5
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

**Looking for first edition cards. First edition card have none-bolded/slimmer text. If you're unsure if you have a first edition card just ask me, I'm perfectly happy to tell you**

(2nd Series)
Cards for Trade
[Common] Normal set:
**I pretty much have every single common card so just ask me to check for you.**

Sticker Set
S1-20% Cooler in 10 secconds flat
S2-Never judge a book by its cover.
S3-Whaddaya say we get on outta creepy town?
S4-Join The Crusade (4)
S5-You can make a difference (3)
S6-What Fun is There In Making Sense? (2)
S7-Dorking' up the skies since 2010
S8-Harmony (2)
S9-Have Tuba. Will Travel

Foil Stickers
S10-Rainbow Dash
S11-Twilight Sparkle
S13-Pinkie Pie

Standee Set
S1-Queen Chrysalis
S4-Nightmare Moon (4)
S5-King Sombra
S6-The Great and Powerful Trixie (3)
S7-Flim & Flam
S9-Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon

Foil Set
F1-Twilight Sparkle Filly
F2-Rarity Filly
F4-Pinkie Pie Filly
F6-Applejack Filly
F7-Twilight Sparkle
F8-Pinkie Pie (2)
F14-Princess Celestia & Princess Luna (2)
F17-Sweetie Belle

Crystal Empire Set
F20-Princess Cadance (2)
F21-Pinkie Pie (3)

F29-F34 (1 set)

G1-Princess Celestia
G4-Twilight Sparkle

Promo Set
F42-Princess Twilight Sparkle

**Trading convention promos for other CONVENTION promo cards and gold cards I need only.**

Cards I Need

Gold Set
G2-Princess Luna
G3-Princess Cadance


Puzzle Pieces from Value Packs

Foil Sticker Set

Also looking for jumbo cards from the MLP books.

Unreleased Wants:


If you want to trade for MLP CCG cards:
I would not mind trading common MLP CCG cards for common trading cards but I will not trade CCG cards for promos or golds. Foils maybe, but doubtful.
I am missing many CCG cards, so just ask me what you need and direct me to what you have & I'll tell you what I need from you.

Interested in Trading?
This is how I prepare cards for shipping: A look at sending cards by mail by Inurantchan

Note me or comment here for trades. :) I am a part of a few trade sites, with this same name or the name I use for my main account Inuranchan, of which I can point you potential traders so you can see I've traded online before. :)
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Arxuicy Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just saying that Series 2  F #38 Applejack
there were only 15 cards that got given out. highest went for 400$ on ebay.

and i'm in a need of 15/30/42/F21

Series 2 ofcourse

Do you have an Ebay :P?
I'm still not really believing that, but I guess I will ask the person I know who helps make the enter-play cards.
I bet they will be given out at Big Apple Ponycon or maybe even Bronycon. Neither promos have been announced and they both always have promos (since bronycon is so big & BAP is actually run by the person I know who helps make the cards).

As for these cards, I don't really sell them. Mostly because I don't know how to price them, but also because I'd rather trade them for ccg cards when my trading card collection is finished.
Crack3dMySanity Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey wanna see the pony head and tell me if you are happy with the new one i made?:D
ArtStude3n2 Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holo Spike for Holo Scootaloo.
That's my final offer. Take it or leave it. Call me in the morning and let me know. :)
:lol: I don't have holo scootaloo XD Sorry dude. Oh wells
ArtStude3n2 Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok... my final offer is: Standeed Scoot and Royal Wedding Shy.
There. Done. Deal. Get ready to pack the cards.
Oh no way, spikes not worth a standee and a royal wedding card XD Royal weddings cards go fr $10, he goes for $5 :P
ArtStude3n2 Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh... wait... make that the Standee. :)
oohh yea sure dude that's fair. But. This time I want your card first, and then I'll send it. :P
ArtStude3n2 Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea... sure. :)
I'll get it set up tonight. ;)
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